Pastor's Blog

March 18, 2020, Wednesday

Dear Laity and Clergy of the Susquehanna Conference,


As your bishop, along with the leadership of the Annual Conference, I implore our Susquehanna Conference churches to suspend all gatherings for worship and other activities for at least the next two weeks. This is a difficult time because we are in the midst of Lent, one of the most sacred seasons of the church year. However, during the time of suspension, we can be more intentional and be focused on the Lenten disciplines of solitude, reflection, and repentance. This season can help us deepen our spiritual connection to Holy Week and, ultimately Easter, when we celebrate new life.


Please see the attached letter for the full text.


Thanks and Blessings,


Jeremiah Park and the Full Cabinet

It is my understanding that we will not have worship on March 22 & 29, 2020. With God’s help, we may be back Sunday, April 5, 2020, which is Palm Sunday. I will be posting Devotions to help us along the journey of Lent. 

What did you do when all lost their heads. 

We are at war battling this virus. Generations before sent their young people to war. Thank God we are not doing that, but instead, we are asking our youth and adults to self-isolating for the young and old to help prevent this disease from taking many lives. This is the battle plan for the country and church.

Here is what I would like those in confirmation to do. Call Tina, our secretary, and ask her for the names of our shut-ins. With your parents' permission, you could call these folks, send cards, and pray for them.

Also, you can catch up on your daily devotions. Spend time with God each morning. If you want to send me questions, please do so, but make sure you send CC a copy to your parents.

Pastor Frank